Information Architecture Analysis

A logical structure to your site


A logical site hierarchy and structure is a key aspect to your online strategy.

For users, it’s important as it will allow them to navigate your site in a clear and logical way, finding the products they need and resulting in more conversions.

For SEO it’s important as it better allows search engines to understand the relationship between pages and which pages you deem most important.

Mapping your site based on data 

To map your site architecture, we often combine results from our keyword research with our content audit. This will show us what people are looking for and areas areas you are currently not visible for.

We’ve often found business owners have missed a simple filter or subcategory for their products and, by incorporating it into the site structure, have increased organic visibility and conversion rates considerably.

We’ve also found some sites are simply hard to navigate and products or services aren’t where they are expected to be leading to high bounce rates and a drop in search traffic. By fixing these you’ll see improvements to both.  



Why Does The Keyword Research Help With Site Architecture?

Our comprehensive keyword research will show areas or topics you are not visible for but perhaps should be. We can then incorporate these into the site architecture through filters (on e-commerce sites) or dedicated landing pages. 

Do you use any other data points?

Yes, we also look at a number of competitors to analyse what’s working for them and what isn’t. We’ll “bake” anything that is particular effective into our recommendations. 

content hub recommendations

Visual Recommendations

Our recommendations will be mapped and easy for you to see and follow. In many cases we’ll also include landing page mockups and competitor examples so that it’ll be easier for your dev team to implement.

Data led recommendations

We’ll see which area of your site is lacking visibility (as seen by the red bars in the chart). We further break this down into subcategories to advise you on the landing pages, categories or filters you need to make the site visible in the search engines. 

Organic opportunity
Information architecture analysis

Easy to follow recommendations

Our recommendations will be presented in an easy to follow deck with insights and recommendations. 

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