A flexible way of working

We don't want to lock clients into long contracts if they don't need them. We'll work with you in a way which suits your business.

  • Short term

    Some organisations take us on “short term” to train their teams in our ways and set up standard operating procedures.

  • Project based

    Some businesses hire us to deep dive into a specific problem they need looking into, for example a traffic drop or link penalty.

  • Long term

    Some clients take us on longer term as an extension to their marketing team, to continually guide and help form their strategy.


What you can expect from us

Snippet Digital is a Boutique SEO consulting firm providing cutting-edge SEO solutions to companies around the world.



As seasoned SEOs, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of work. We keep our consultancy small and specialised so that quality is never sacrificed for the sake of "scaling".



Using state-of-the-art machine learning and custom-built software, we're able to automate where other agencies aren't. Our work is efficient and delivered faster. 



We employ data scientists and build our own proprietary tech to crunch the numbers. This means our recommendations are always data led and accurate. 

Our approach

We like to work very closely with clients

  • No "Black box" work

    At Snippet, we believe in transparency and keeping our clients informed of all of our work. We create dedicated scrum boards for each client and will work closely with their stakeholders. 

  • No SEO "fluff"

    We hate all forms of fluff when it comes to SEO. We are 100% data-driven and will be honest with the clients about potential issues and expectations. 

  • We are affordable

    We quote jobs based on complexity. We will give you the quotes upfront and there won't be any hidden costs. 


Discover the power of SEO

We’ll show you how to increase organic traffic and sales to grow your business.


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