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A Data Driven Approach To Content


One of the most important ways of improving organic visibility is by implementing a solid content strategy.

A great content strategy starts with analysing what content you currently have on your website to see whats working for you and what isn’t. Blogs, posts and articles that are no longer contributing to your business objectives should be merged, redirected or deleted to save crawl budget and prevent keyword cannibilisation. Blog posts that are working should be improved or used as a guide for future pieces.

Our content audits (and consequent content strategy recommendations) use over 35 data points and metrics in order for us to recommend which content should be kept, which should be merged and which should be deleted. From this we also guide you into realising which content you should be producing more of and which content should be updated to get the most out of it.

Results You Can Be Confident In

There are a number of reasons why ‘content pruning’ seems to work. Firstly, if the site is particularly large, it can help improve your crawl budget. Secondly, if you reduce the content on your site to only include content that is of “good quality”, as a percentage, you are increasing the overall quality of the corpus of “content” on your site. Finally, in carrying out a content audit, you’ll not only identify blogs that can be deleted, but you’ll find content which, with a bit of work, can start yielding good results.

As we analyse over 35 data points when looking at your data, Snippet Digital are proud to say we have one of the most thorough content audits on the market. 

What metrics do you look at?

As we’ve said, we look at well over 35, some of which are “custom made”, so we can’t list them all here. However, some of the important metrics include:

  • Overall sessions
  • Organic sessions
  • Bounce rate
  • Keywords ranked in the top 100
  • Keywords ranked in the top 10
  • Referring domains
  • Conversions the blog contributed to
  • Date the blog was written
  • Word count
  • Click through rates

+ many more. We then “score” each piece of content and provide you with a prioritised list of recommendations. 

How do you pull the data?

We will need access to your Google analytics and Search console properties. We will need edit access to GA so that we can create custom segments to apply to your data for some of our more “custom metrics”. 

What sorts of recommendations do we get?

At a “top level” view you’ll get:

  • Content that should be left
  • Content that should be deleted
  • Content that should be redirected
  • Content that should be repurposed
  • Content that should be updated

We can also provide recommendations at an individual article post level where we’ll recommend:

  • Schema markup opportunities
  • Internal linking opportunities
  • Search intent optimisation
  • Meta data improvements
  • Additional subject matter 

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content audit example

Incredibly granular

We analyse over 35 data points to produce an efficient and data driven way of grading your content using our custom scoring system algorithm.

We’ll also produce recommendations on what should happen to this content, whether it should be redirected, updated, left or deleted. 

Get a “birds eye view” of how your content is performing

Where possible, we’ll group your content together and aggregate key metrics. This will allow you to see, very quickly, which types of posts are resulting in goals which align with your business goals so that you can do more of them. 

content audit roll up
content hub recommendations

Content hub recommendations

As we’re making our way through your content, we’ll start to see obvious patterns in terms of content grouping and blog structure.

We’ll provide recommendations on how your content should be grouped and linked in order to improve the customer experience as well as Google’s understanding of the relationships between your content topics. 

Andy did a great job on a content audit project I needed expert help on. He quickly assessed the situation, came up with some recommendations, and then overdelivered on what he promised. Andy is easily one of the best SEOs I’ve worked with. I have already referred a couple close friends as clients because I know they’ll benefit from hiring Andy to help them with their business.

Ruben Gamez

Founder / CEO, Docsketch / Bidsketch

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