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We build advanced tools to help solve complex SEO problems saving digital marketers time and money

Andy Chadwick


Suganthan Mohanadasan


SEO is a complex and time-consuming field which can be difficult to scale or carry out efficiently. Enter Snippet Digital. We build advanced tools to help solve complex SEO problems saving digital marketers time and money. We continually experiment and leverage the latest technologies to provide the best possible solutions to their SEO challenges.

Unlike many traditional SEO tools, our solutions are often highly specific and incredibly specialized in one certain area; we create tools that do a few tasks but do a few tasks well.

Our solutions are often highly specific and incredibly specialized in one certain area

Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights is the world’s fastest, most customizable, keyword clustering and search intent classification tool.

Due to its highly actionable reports, this SaaS tool is trusted by a wide range of digital marketers including freelance SEO consultants, SEO agencies, medium sized businesses, and large enterprises.

“Finally got a chance to use Keyword Insights for a decently sized keyword research project and wowza.... if you are not using it, you're falling behind.”

Jordan Choo

Managing Partner - Kogneta


Keyword Decipher

Keyword research is notoriously difficult to get right. Often the output is poor or the insights are not useful enough. Practitioners struggle to filter and sift through thousands of rows of data in spreadsheets to make actionable recommendations.

We created a custom built platform, Keyword Decipher, which uses machine learning to find quick wins and can easily cope with millions of rows of data. This means our keyword research can comfortably include 500,000+ keywords.

“Snippet Digital were able to tackle a huge keyword research project using Keyword Decipher, providing valuable insights and very high-quality work. Communication was very fast and efficient and they went above and beyond to meet our needs and deadlines. ”

Keyword Categorizer

Categorizing keywords is important for keyword research so that practitioners can get a top level view of which areas of the site require optimization. However, if you’ve ever tried to categorize more than 5,000 keywords, you’ll realize keyword categorization is often a manual and time-consuming task.

We’ve developed a keyword categorization tool that utilizes machine learning that allows us to automate and speed up our keyword categorization process significantly.

“The Snippet Digital Keyword categorizer allowed us to categorize up to fifteen levels of categorization at incredible speeds. The tool uses machine learning and constantly evolves and 'understands' context and saved us a tonne of time.”

Tom Chetwyn

Associate Director @iProspect


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Snippet’s transparency and the fact that they actually educate our team during the process is what set them apart the most. Plus, The deliverables they create with machine learning and tons of granular data are incredibly valuable to making the right decisions on our content.”

Jacob Bozarth

CEO - Resonaterecordings

Meet our team

We’re committed to changing how people think about SEO at scale.

Andy Chadwick


Andy Chadwick is a digital marketing consultant, specializing in SEO. He has been in the industry since 2013 and worked with start-up companies (he grew his own start-up to a turnover of £2.5 million in 3 years) as well as international organizations. He’s also worked in-house as well as agency side. Andy runs a successful SEO consulting business in the UK as well as snippet Digital SEO consultancy with Suganthan.

Suganthan Mohanadasan


Suganthan is an SEO consultant with more than a decade of experience. He has experience working with venture capital funds and has worked with hundreds of clients around the world. He runs a successful SEO consultancy in Norway as well as Snippet Consulting in the UK along with Andy.

Mykola Maliarenko

CTO, Data Scientist, Backend Engineer

Mykola has extensive experience in Deep learning, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Computer vision and artificial intelligence. Over a decade of experience working for enterprise-level companies. Holds a master's degree in Telecommunications engineering.

Mykola Antokhov

Front end Developer

Mykola is our senior front end developer. He has over 12 years of experience. He is passionate about javascript frameworks and system security.


Software Engineer

Abdulqader is a passionate developer with a knack for business and creativity. Has participated in various start-up and bootstrapped projects. And currently working as a Software Engineer at Snippet Digital.

Gabor Csikos

Cloud DevOps Architect

Gabor is a Cloud DevOps Architect with development background specialising in Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes. In the last 10 years he worked with organisations of all sizes and he is keen to provide technical solutions in times of growth.