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Who do we work with?


White labelling our services, we often work with agencies, providing one-off highly specialised deliverables. Examples may include keyword research, content audits or traffic drop analysis. View our commonly asked for deliverables here.

In-House Marketing Teams

We work with in-house marketing teams offering SEO consultancy services and training. Often this is in some form of retainer arrangement so that we reserve a set amount of hours per month for you. We’ll help create a strategy and/or SOP’s for your business and then work with your team to implement it. 

Other Consultants

We often work with other specialised consultants. We have access to a network of incredibly talented digital marketers, from analytics specialists to UX and CRO professionals. In working with us, we’ll happily put you in touch with other niche experts to suit your requirements. 


What We Do

We are an exclusive SEO consultancy providing advanced digital strategies and solutions.

We approach large and complicated deliverables with incredible granularity whilst remaining cost effective and efficient by leveraging custom built proprietary software.


Our Approach

We are not an agency and so our approach is a little different; we like to work very closely with our clients.

  • Some organisations take us on “short term” to train their teams in our ways and set up standard operating procedures.
  • Some businesses hire us to deep dive into a particular problem they need looking into, for example a traffic drop or link penalty.
  • Some clients take us on longer term as an extension to their marketing team, to continually guide and help form their strategy.


We are the Yin to your Yang, the Salt to your Pepper and the Bangers to your Mash. Our approach is backed by years of expertise and creativity.


Our Mission

The mission is simple. We work to drive more qualified organic traffic to your website increasing your online visibility and sales.

We believe in working with complete transparency and will carry out tasks efficiently and cost effectively by utilising technology.


About Snippet Digital

Snippet Digital is a two man SEO consulting firm specialised in providing cutting edge SEO solutions to companies around the world. We are not an agency. We are an extension to your existing marketing team. Our strategies and tactics go beyond the “usual processes”, facilitated by our own proprietary software which is in continual development.

We can prove it to you. Let’s have a call.

Andy Chadwick


Co-founder and SEO Strategist 

Andy Chadwick is a digital marketing consultant, specialising in SEO but also covering PPC services. He is primarily known for his unique approach to keyword research having developed his own tools to help with keyword categorisation.


He has been in the industry since 2013 and worked with start-up companies (he grew his own start up to a turnover of £2.5 million in 3 years) as well as international organisations. He’s also worked in-house as well as agency side.

He has written for Search Engine Land, Traffic Think Tank and been involved with many online video podcasts.

Suganthan Mohanadasan


Co-founder and Technical SEO

Suganthan is a digital marketing consultant with over nine years of experience. Solving difficult SEO problems is his passion. He has experience working with venture capital funds and worked with hundreds of clients around the world delivering campaigns.

He has written articles for Moz, Search engine land, Ryte, SEMRush, G2 and many industry leading publishers.  

We’ve been featured in

Our contributions and articles have been published on many industry leading websites. 

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 What we can do for you

Our exceptional SEO processes and methods will send your traffic up and to the right. Lovely. 

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What customers say about us

Andy is one of the most intelligent men I think I’ve ever worked with. There are no limits to the dedication Andy shows, not only to the clients and his own work, but also to improving the quality of work that we all do. Andy is constantly pushing boundaries, and I always walk away from conversations with him totally blown away. If I was given the chance again, I’d work with Andy in a heartbeat. Cannot recommend enough.

Billy Leonard

Content Marketing Account Director, Croud

The man, the myth, the SEO legend. I’ve approached Suganthan many times for advice on everything from technical SEO to general marketing questions and he’s always gone above and beyond to help me out. We’re both members of the Traffic Think Tank community and Suganthan is what makes it great. He knows his stuff, writes top draw content and is always looking to help others learn and grow.

Alex Birch

SEO Manager, Typeform

I’ve long admired Sugan’s work in the SEO and marketing space. Recently I had call to engage him as a consultant and as expected he overdelivered. Fast, accurate and generous with his time (and insider knowledge). You can’t ask for more really.

Gavin Brazg

Founder / CEO, The Advisory

Andy did a great job on a content audit project I needed expert help on. He quickly assessed the situation, came up with some recommendations, and then overdelivered on what he promised. Andy is easily one of the best SEOs I’ve worked with. I have already referred a couple close friends as clients because I know they’ll benefit from hiring Andy to help them with their business.

Ruben Gamez

Founder / CEO, Docsketch / Bidsketch

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