Organic Traffic Loss

Investigating losses in organic traffic with surgical precision


A drop in organic visibility can have devastating affects on businesses. It’s also likely to be incredibly frustrating to diagnose as algorithm updates are opaque at best.  

Having seen so many websites fall victim to negative SEO attacks or algorithm updates, we’re ideally poised to investigate significant drops in your sites traffic. 

Knowing where to look is only half the battle

We’ll look for the keywords that resulted in your loss of traffic and then diagnose why those pages may have dropped. 

We’ll analyse everything including your backlink profile, content, page intent, expertise, authority and trustworthiness.  

A detailed report will be given to you  with actionable insights, often taking into account competition as a comparison.

What if we've been hit with a manual penalty?

If you’ve been hit with a manual penalty we know where to look right away; your link profile. 

In this instance we’ll conduct a thorough link audit and help your profile get cleaned up and the manual action removed.  

How long will it take to recover my organic traffic?

Unfortunately it’s impossible to put a number on it as it depends on what the issue is. 

Once we’ve analysed your site we’ll be able to give you a better idea of time scales.

traffic drop

A methodical approach

Using a refined procedure, our approach to traffic loss analysis is methodical.

We’ll identify the keywords that resulted in the biggest traffic losses to your site and then identify why those pages have lost their visibility. 

A thorough analysis

We look at everything.

For example, we won’t just look at the content on your page as a human, but will run it through IBM Watson’s sentiment analysis API to analyse its tone in comparison to your competitors. We won’t just look at links, but will analyse the anchor text of those links for signs of over optimisation. 

We go above and beyond to ensure we are providing recommendations based on more than just a “fluffy guess”. 


over optimised anchor text
traffic drop deck

Easy to follow recommendations

Our recommendations will be presented in an easy to follow deck with insights and recommendations. 

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