Technical SEO Audit

 Our Audit is NOT just an a SEO tool output


Many technical SEO audits are simply generated using a tool. We know you hate that. These are not custom made suggestions and often show many irrelevant suggestions that waste resources and time in implementation.

Our technical SEO audit is custom built for every client. We will use our extensive experience and skills to not only find deep technical issues affecting your site, we will also find opportunities and show you how to improve/fix them.

Every suggestion is carefully thought-out and prioritised based on the impact it’ll have on your business.

The Tech Audit process

Ranking on Google takes 3 key steps. In needs your site to be crawled, indexed and then ranked.

A technically optimised website will ensure it is crawled efficiently and maximises the chances of having Googlebot rejoice in happiness and index as much of it as possible. It’s the first step in improving your organic visibly on search engines.

Our tech audit will consist of crawling and emulating your site as Google would and producing a detailed report on any issues we encounter.

Issues will be ranked in terms of priority and we’ll work closely with your developers to implement recommendations. 

What sort of technical issues do you look at?

Not an exhaustive list, but we’ll look at:

  • Page speed issues
  • Mobile friendliness issues
  • International targeting issues
  • Internal redirection issues
  • SSL certificate issues
  • Broken links
  • Orphan pages
  • Site architecture issues
  • Javascript issues
  • Rich structured data markup issues
  • Meta data issues

Plus many more. 

Can't an automated SEO tool do a lot of this?

Whilst some SEO technical audit tools offer some pretty decent insights into the overall technical health of your site, the scores and recommendations are pretty arbitrary and don’t factor in quirks and individualities on different sites. They are often interesting at best, but can’t provide the level of detail needed to make significant improvements, particularly on larger and more complex sites. 

The tools also won’t work with your developers in implementing the recommendations. 

Will you work in JIRA / Other Project Management Tools?

Yes, we are happy to login to your JIRA or other project management tools and create tickets for your developers. The last thing we want to do is to give them an audit and leave them to it. 

tech audit SEO issues

Issues Prioritised

Our technical SEO recommendations will be prioritised and ranked based on difficulty to implement vs reward meaning resources are not wasted. 

Incredibly detailed

We’ll produce a 80+ page document and accompanying excel sheet to allow you to quickly identify which areas need to be worked on first and how to fix them.

tech audit seo diagram
jira for SEO

Working with your developers 

We’ll work with your developers on their favourite project management tools to make implementation as seamless and efficient as possible.

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