Keyword Research

A truly different approach to an important SEO deliverable. 

Not your ordinary keyword research document


Keyword research is notoriously difficult to get right. Often the output is poor or the insights not useful enough.

Enter Snippet Digital.

Our keyword research process has been refined over 7 years and uses custom built tools that allows us to look at over 200,000+ keywords, categorise them, refine them and draw meaning from them in a much shorter time than it would if you were to do the task manually.

Our methodology won’t just provide you with a keyword research document, but we’ll give you opportunity analysis, competitor insights and a forecast. This is why we actually refer to our keyword research process as the “OCF” Analysis (Opportunity, Competitor, Forecast).

Everything Starts With Keyword Research

Keyword research should be treated as one of the single most important processes in your SEO strategy. It’ll show you faceted navigation options you should be including or products you should be selling. It’ll show you content you should be writing and queries you should be addressing. Done our way, it’ll also show you how to prioritise which areas to focus on and what your expected return on investment might be once you’ve done it.

How many keywords do you look at?

Our heart drops when we see keyword research documents containing 100 keywords. A proper keyword research document should contain thousands of keywords – our between 5k-50k depending on the business. You should be aiming to rank a “cohort”, or “category”, of keywords rather than just one individual keyword.

When you have a significant volume of keywords, you can actually see patterns in how people search. You start to see which parameters are important for people and what characteristics they are interested in. 

What is the OCF Process?

Our keyword research process isn’t only different because we look at more keywords. Our keywords are also categorised into at least 2 sub categories, allowing you to apply filters for better insights.

We’ll also provide you with an easy way to identify quick wins based on search volume Opportunity (“O”), Competition (“C”) and provide you with a forecast (“F”) of where your traffic might be in 12 months with an effective SEO campaign.

This is why we call it the OCF Analysis. 

What sort of insights will I get from an OCF analysis?

You’ll be able to identify:

  • Shortfalls in your site architecture
  • Products you should be selling that you don’t
  • Quick wins to drive organic traffic quickly 
  • Blog and other content ideas
  • Market opportunity in search 

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Organic opportunity

Incredibly detailed

Our keyword research document will categorise your keywords into at least 2 sub categories, but often up to 3 or 4. This will allow you to filter for better micro insights.

We’ll include monthly search volumes,  seasonality insights, organic difficulty metrics, CPC’s and where the keywords falls in your customer journey. 

Quickly identify quick wins

We’ll produce an easy way for you to see which “category” you should focus on first by opportunity when compared against difficulty. You’ll then be able to drill down by URL to find pages with quick wins and areas where content needs to be developed. 

Organic opportunity

Forecast your SEO efforts

Our keyword research will take into account your click through rates for branded and non branded terms, will look at average order values, conversion rates and seasonality and produce a forecast which can be used to map expected revenue income as a result of SEO efforts. It’s time to make SEO “less fluffy”.

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