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A healthy link profile is one of the most important facets of SEO. If your links are spammy, you run the risk of getting penalised. If you don’t have enough, you likely won’t rank against a competitor who has more than you. 

We’ve conducted link audits for companies of all sizes; from start-ups to international organisations.

Just because its got a “low DA” doesn’t mean it’s a bad link

Although we use a combination of tools to carry out an initial “sift”, we analyse every link manually and don’t pass judgment just because they have a low “DA” score. 

Do we need to dissavow links if we haven't had a manual action?

Bit of a hot topic in the SEO industry at the moment as Google and Bing both claim they are now good enough to ignore a link. 

That said, we have seen gains on some sites with particularly bad link profiles when a thorough dissavow file was submitted. 

Furthermore, our link audit also identifies areas of opportunity as apposed to just what should be dissallowed. 

What's included in my audit?

You’ll receive: 

  • A look at your current link profile taking into account its overall health, anchor text, deep links vs homepage links, and topical trust flow.
  • A comparison of the above to your competitors.
  • Opportunities for link building.
  • A dissavow file if necassary. 
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More than just a link audit

We won’t look at just the links you have, but the way in which they’re distributed. It means you’ll be able to better plan your future link building efforts as apposed to just reactively dissavowing links. 

Looking at competitor data

Our link audits include competitor data to ensure our recommendations are better informed.

It’ll allow us to more confidently advise as to whether or not a competitor is beating you in the SERP’s due to their link profile. 

Competitor Link Audit
link audit deck

Easy to follow recommendations

Our recommendations will be presented in an easy to follow deck with insights and recommendations. 

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