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A strategy derived from experience


Having worked with startups, venture capitalist’s and international corporations in both an “in-house” and “agency” capacity, we are ideally placed to formulate a digital strategy for your business. Our speciality is SEO, but with experience in PPC and paid social we are experienced composers of digital marketing strategies encompassing all of your online channels. 

One size does not suit all

At Snippet we firmly believe that every company needs a strategy that suits its individual needs, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ marketing package.

Our marketing strategies are tailored to your individual needs, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise from both Andy and Suganthan, as well as an extensive network of industry professionals.

We specialise in SEO, but are knowledgable enough in other channels to draw many digital avenues into a single, well harmonised strategy. 

So do you offer other services?

It depends on your business goals. We are knowledgable enough to manage a PPC campaign profitably and make UX recommendation improvements where necessary. We’ve seen enough websites and businesses to be confident of this.

However, we specialise in SEO so we can only take these so far. When/if your business warrants experts in these fields – we have access to a network of incredibly well qualified and tested individuals we’ll happy recommend to you. It’s all part of our service. 

Will you work with other contractors/agencies?

Absolutely. If you’ve an internal marketing team or other consultants, we’re happy to work with them to formulate your strategy. Once a strategy has been agreed upon,  we’re happy to take a step back and let you get on with it or work with you in implementing it.

Organic opportunity

Actionable Insights

We’ll show you which categories or areas of your website you should be focussing on to get the quickest returns first. 

Clear timelines

We’ll produce a timeline of clear and actionable actions reflective of your budget and business goals. This will always be transparent and incorporate all of your digital channels. We’ll always include some form of KPI and progress and results will always be held to account. 

Digital marketing timeline
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Prioritising smartly

We’ll ensure actions are prioritised on a difficulty vs reward basis; we’re not going to suggest technically hard implementations with little gain before the “low hanging fruit” with maximum gain. We want you to get results quickly for the least investment. 

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